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Sometimes when we meet agencies, they ask to see our script. We don't use one apart from in one circumstance, which I'll come to in a minute. Scripts can be useful for some types of sales. If somebody is selling something to a huge number of people about whom the salesperson knows little or nothing, then a script can work. You'll still miss the chance to grab opportunities from some interested parties if their answers or questions don't fit your script, but you'll also be able to measure the effectiveness of the script and use the best scripts the most. It also decreases reliance on getting good staff. Yes, if you're selling windows, loft insulation, gas/electric contracts, cable TV or commercial phone contracts, then write some scripts, fill a room with numpties and make the phones ring. Actually, for the sake of all our sanities, don't do any of that.

Finding new business opportunities for agencies is horribly difficult. The prospects we contact, whether it's by email or phone, are contacted many times a day by a wide selection of people who are either terrible, or egotistical. We have to be the only call that didn't piss them off just to hit the worst possible standard we'll accept. In fact, we take a lot of time and put in a lot of work to make sure we're one of the calls that makes them happy.

We find new clients for marketing companies of all different types and we do it the same way for all of them. We research our prospects properly. We make sure we understand their companies and we try to find common ground with the people we are speaking to. Paying them the compliment of knowing a little about them pays dividends, every time. If nothing else it reassures them that we're not just another call they should dodge.

When you use a script, you sound like you're using a script. Think about it. How could you not? Just by using the script, you're defining what it sounds like to use it. Similarly, when you call from an informed point of view, you sound informed. You can't not. Which would you prefer?

There's a time to use a script and that's when you're leaving a voicemail. Trust me on this. If you're winging it, you'll sound like you're winging it (are you spotting a pattern here?).

If you hire us, you'll get informed, curious, interested people who will know your agency inside out. But far, far more importantly, they'll make sure they know your prospects inside out. They'll ask questions that will get to the crux of what is important to the prospect. They'll identify whether your agency can help them, then they'll make it possible for you to do so. There isn't a script for that.

Don’t use scripts

Below is a post from our blog that we felt would help to sum up the way we do this. Please have a look at our blog, or if you’re feeling friendly, subscribe to the RSS feed here.