Finding millions of pounds of new business for agencies since 2004.

We contact qualified prospects for you and, using wit, intelligence and tenacity, find opportunities to win you new clients. No hideous sales scripts, just a smart approach to finding new business.

We’ve won business worth millions for our clients. There are some logos on this page showing a few of our successes.

There are different size projects for different Sponge NB clients, with a range of fee structures to match. We’re proud of our processes, but the scale and cost of a project must be suited to our client. Speak to us about your goals and existing business development methods and we’ll make sure our project fits your agency.

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Our owner Steve Fair is a guest blogger for industry news site Econsultancy and we’re all proudly creative, interested people who write blogs, take great photos, and even play drums. It’s not essential for a business development agency’s team to think as creatively as their clients, but we take care to represent creative companies properly. 


Wins with Sponge NB


Areas of Expertise


We’re proud of our approach to the cold-channel - careful preparation, properly motivated business developers and a level of strategy and monitoring that goes well beyond counting call volumes and booking dreadful, pointless coffee meetings.


Finding opportunities to win clients for the agencies with whim we work isn’t a scattergun task. It takes planning, experience and the ability to test and adjust our approach. Our team work together, maintaining a smart response to every challenge. Each one of our team has the ability to improve our clients’ projects.


We have a sought-after in-house copywriter who has extensive experience working client-side as a Marketing Director as well as many years of journalism. We can make your business development collateral far more effective, whether it’s your website, credentials or email copy.

Database creation and management

Buying data is a hideous process with patchy results. We once bought a list of construction companies that had a fashion brand in there. We have a small team whose sole responsibility is find our clients’ targets. Every list is bespoke, GDPR compliant and clean.


If you don’t want to hire a new business agency to conduct ongoing prospecting, we can ensure that your agency is in amazing shape to find more wins in-house. From targeting, pitching and strategy through to resource/time-planning, we can find the right way to use your existing resources.


We can train your team on the many moving parts of a business development campaign. We can improve your pitch process, show you how to find those hard-to-reach contacts, improve your cold-channel prospecting and show you how to keep all those plates spinning.


The team at Sponge were really great to work with. Very knowledgeable and very good at feeling part of the in-house team. I look forward to working with them again in the future
— Andy Doyle, MD, WeHeartDigital


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