Here are Niamh's answers to a few of our interview questions:

What qualities are required to do this job?
Shortcuts on the keyboard. Excellent coffee-fetching skills. Keeping up with the team - they're like sharks, never staying still!

What are your greatest strengths?
Positivity. There are other things (I can type fast...) but they're all enhanced by a positive approach. That's me.

What are your greatest weaknesses?
Distractions. Don't email me a funny link. I WILL click on it. Then I'll have Nikki mentioning that "work" stuff that I'm supposed to be doing.

What are your favourite books?
A Tale of Two Cities. The West Ham matchday programme.

What outside interests do you have that you can tell me a bit about?
Rugby. I don't look like a bruiser, but I'll take you down, sunshine. Reading, playing the clarinet and laying in bed. Not all at the same time.