Here are Nikki’s answers to a few of our interview questions:

What qualities are required to do this job?

Having a curious mind is exceptionally important and never underestimating determination. I'm also very self disciplined (project management was a calling!). I'm not trying to WOW our clients with big gestures every few months, but continuously do all the little things right, every day. 

What are your greatest strengths?

Knowing I'm not perfect. As soon as you think you have anything 100% sussed, you are probably in big trouble. Whether for good, or bad, I find people fascinating....I have rarely been in a situation where I have nothing to talk about with someone. 

What are your greatest weaknesses?

I’m a neat freak. It means I can be grouchy at colleagues who interfere with my desk space. Mine. Stay away.

What are your favourite books?

I've only one favourite book. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I still own the tatty, yellow paged, fading old copy my dad gave me as a teenager and it's the reason I studied Dickens at University. I'm also a sucker for a murder mystery and always have a book on historical figures on the go. I'm reading about Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough at the moment. Work-wise, it's Andy Bounds, Wally Olins and Seth Godin.

What outside interests do you have that you can tell me a bit about?

My daughter Elspeth is the predictable (and true) response when asked what I enjoy spending my time on. I grow vegetables in the family garden, I enjoy our local pub’s cheese and wine tastings. I also like a good read (though audiobooks in the car are my thing at the moment.)