Here are Shaun’s answers to a few of our interview questions:

What qualities are required to do this job?
You’ve got to be able to approach every opportunity, challenge or setback with the attitude that means you emerge smarter and more prepared for next time.

What are your greatest strengths?
I pride myself on being adaptable. I arrived at Sponge NB with a need to learn a lot about business development. I’m over the moon to be providing my clients with the sort of opportunities that mean I’m part of the reason we have the great reputation we enjoy now.

What are your greatest weaknesses?
It’s a cliché but sometimes I take on too much and should pace myself.

What are your favourite books?
I’m ploughing through marketing books at the moment, but outside of that I enjoyed “The Seven Habits” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. It’s all about learning! 

What outside interests do you have that you can tell me a bit about?
Fitness, fitness and fitness.