Tenacity, wit and intelligence

We’re often asked how we emulate and properly represent our clients’ company cultures. Our tailored briefing day, with personality & proposition profiling, database development and a remarkably insightful interview with your key staff is just part of it.

By the time we start, you’ll know us and we’ll know you.

We make fewer calls than most of our competitors. Our team are given enough time to research each call properly. They still make a significant number of calls. They’re an intelligent bunch, so we encourage them to use their brains.

Our service is designed to emulate and then improve on a first-class in-house new business effort.

Sponge NB's Leanne Day

It's not just prospecting - we provide an online facility for you to monitor your website visitors (including where available, company names). We monitor it too, contacting new visitors where it's appropriate.

The phone alone won't do

At a new business agency, it’s easy to make a lot of calls. It’s no fun though, which is why our team use their own insights, experience and knowledge in order to get the most out of every call. We hire people for their enthusiasm, wit, guile and tenacity. It’s a great job, so we attract smart people who want to do well.

For those companies who don’t want our full Business Development offering, we offer Sponge NB: Consult - an audit of your agency and its marketing. For a quick fix, we provide Sponge NB: Comms Sweep - professional proof-reading of your web site and credentials.

Shaun Sookoo of Sponge NB - a new business agency  

A new business agency should be focused on business wins, not just “coffee and credentials” meetings. We know the route to those wins. To make it all a little better, we’re easy to get on with too. Call us today to see if you like the sound of us and we’ll go from there.